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An open protocol that invests in Avalanche Subnets

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Protocol Overview

Subgenix Network vaults

Creating a Vault means a Subgenix User is indirectly supporting and funding projects developing on Avalanche Subnets.

infographic of how subgenix network works to invest in Avalanche subnets

Investment reach

How to participate

Open a vault with SGX tokens

Simply buy some SGX tokens on Trader Joe and open a vault on our App to earn a part of the profits generated by the Treasury Acquisitions.

You need at least 500 SGX tokens to open a vault.

Earn Passive income

Your vault will return SGX income

The rewards generated by vaults reflect the profit from investments in Subnet Projects. Your SGX rewards can be compounded over time, increasing your vault's weight.

A decentralized VC

Subgenix Network serves small investors

The Network Invest capital in subnets that show steadfast progress within the blockchain industry by advising teams of innovators and financing their projects.

An individual who participates by creating a vault gets direct exposure to the returns generated by these investments.

subgenix network serves small investors to grow their wealth

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Swap some AVAX for SGX tokens on trader JOE

vault that holds AVAX tokens


Head over to the Subgenix APP with at least 500 SGX to open a vault




Earn SGX passive income and exposure to Subnet tokens. Reinvest rewards to increase passive-income.


Subgenix Launch
The first vaults are created, raising capital for the Treasury and leveraging the Network as a next-generation Fund.
The first Subnet Projects start getting grants for their research and development from the Subgenix Network. They are pioneers of this new Funding Model.
First Subnet Deals
Protocol Returns
Subnet investments start to pay off and compound into the Network, significantly increasing our buying power and influence across the Avalanche Network. As a Vault Owner, this means that airdrops may occur in the style of subnet tokens.
With vault rewards growing exponentially, the gSGX supply and dominance increase. This increases governance activity: productive discussions, proposals, and interesting protocol components are possible.
Governance Growth
The Subgenix Subnet
With an increasing demand for the Protocol and resources accumulated, the Subgenix Network builds its own Subnet, with the ultimate intent of becoming the go-to Subnets Fund.



Some things you may want to know about Subgenix Network...
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Why invest in avalanche subnets?

Subnets are custom-built blockchains on top of the Avalanche Network
The advantages of Subnets:

· Fast
· Low fees
· Easy to deploy
· Interoperable
· Application-specific
· Protocol-level tokens

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